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Washington State Prostate Cancer Coalition

Making prostate cancer
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914 164th St Se #310,
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Making prostate cancer a key public health care priority

Advocating for the highest quality of life for prostate cancer patients

Advanced Treatments

Our specialists are implementing new ways to prevent, diagnose and treat prostate cancers to give patients the most-advanced treatments with the least impact on the body.

Support Groups

Connect to one our dedicated Local Prostate Cancer Support Groups!

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Specialized Doctors

Depending on your specific diagnosis, your treatment team may include the following prostate cancer specialists:


Breaking Barriers

Survivor Testimonials

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2016 Estimated Stats

0 WA State men diagnosed
0 WA State men died
0 US men diagnosed
0 US men died
0% African American Men are considered a “high risk” group for developing prostate cancer.
Death rates are more than double compared to any other ethnic group.

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Primary Coalition Support and Advisory Council

Fred Hutch
University of Washington Medicine
Washington State Urology Society
Washington State Radiological Society
Seattle Cancer Care Alliance

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